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Angry glass!

Right now we have this assignment in school where we’re supposed to make a concept for a game. Every group got two words to work with and my group got “angry” and “glass”. The most fun words a group got was according to me “surprise” and “panda”, looking forward to see what they do with that.

I’m the producer in my group, “The Ladybugs”, which means I have the final say in almost everything if we don’t agree as a group. This has not yet been a problem and I believe it won’t be in the future either because we do work very well together. I’m hoping we have the same groups this spring when we’re supposed to make a game out of one of the other groups concept.

We’re making a concept for this great game (which don’t have a name yet) but  “Because sometimes you just want to break stuff!” is our slogan for it. I don’t want to spoil too much but I think it will be awesome! 🙂


The Paper Prototype

Earlier we had the assignment to make a paper prototype out of an already existing pc-game.

After some thinking we chose to make a prototype of Castle mania, an exploring game. To make a paper prototype of an exploring game we had to put in the element of surprise and memory.

2013-10-07 14.26.06

The element of surprise we got from putting some papers with an explanation of what’s in that “room” you just got to upside down. You could meet a monster, get some gear, have to go back, etc. We need the memory part in the game because when you walk around somewhere new you might need to remember what happened in the previous room to see if  you want to go back there or not. Also when you’re more than one player you have to remember where the “death trap” is that the previous player stepped on or the good gear so you can avoid it or go there yourself.

2013-10-16 13.17.57

It was quite fun to play, and always different every time we tried it.


Well yeah that’s it for this time!



The first post

I’m here at Gotland, studying the first year of the program Gamedesign and Programming. And it’s amazing! I sit during the lectures wondering when the “boring” will begin, but it never does. I studied two years before at Uppsala Universitet and know what boring is.. But i’m amazed that I actually look forward to go to lectures and listen to what they have to say.

I’m not used to have a blog, but I will try to post at least once every week, talking about school and such. So I hope to “see” you again!


//Malin “Pinky”